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Herb ’n’ Lorna

Peter Leroy investigates and reconstructs the life stories of his maternal grandparents, Herb and Lorna Piper.

On the surface, Herb and Lorna seem to be a typically sunny 1950s American couple. Herb sells Studebakers to the citizens of Babbington, a Long Island seaside town, and Lorna is his cheerfully coy and clever wife. Their story seems like an American myth: small-town origins, Jazz Age romance, Depression trials, postwar prosperity.

However, this book has its origin in Peter Leroy’s discovery, after Herb and Lorna have died, “that my maternal grandparents were involved in—virtually the creators of—the animated erotic jewelry industry.” From that discovery, the story takes on a tone of mingled awe and delight, propelled by a pair of secrets that dovetail, at the end, into a luscious and bawdy revelation.

“Eric Kraft's Herb ’n’ Lorna is a historical farce, a comedy of four generations of happy errors. This very funny novel — as graceful, complicated and exhilarating as a quadrille — is an appreciation of folly, not a satire of it. This means no one will ever be assigned to read it in high school, but those of us who do read it will read it more than once."
      Cathleen Schine
      The New York Times Book Review (front page review)

“A beautiful book.”
      Marc Munroe Dion, The Kansas City Star

“A wonderful love story.”
      Lisa Jensen, San Francisco Chronicle

“Funny, raunchy, and clever.”
      Justin Kaplan

“Nothing short of brilliant.”
      Armistead Maupin

“Wonderfully odd, comically rich.”
      Anne Bernays

“A funny, sexy story told with consummate skill.”
      Malcolm Jones, Jr., The St. Petersburg Times

“It restores the blush of youth.”
      Barbara Holliday, The Detroit Free Press

“Wise and humorous, affectionate and witty.”
      Publishers Weekly

“There aren’t enough adjectives to praise this delightfully generous storyteller. Herb ’n’ Lorna is a classic. Savor it.”
      Andrei Codrescu, National Public Radio

“Kraft es, en mi opinion, un maestro.”
      Robert Saladrigas, La Vanguardia (Barcelona)

“One of the undiscovered gems of recent American fiction: a romance of uncommon tenderness and complexity, a work of prodigious comic invention—and a damn sexy book.”
      Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene




The Peronal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy

The Babbington Clam Council

Babbington Studebaker





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